Hey Colorado, Try Local Businesses First!

Local First Week is one week dedicated to asking you to rethink your daily habits and shift your everyday actions to shop at your local businesses. Do you need a book? Try a local bookstore first! Do you need a hammer? Try the local hardware store first! A haircut? A gym membership? A pair of shoes? Try local first!

Why should you shop local first? You’ve heard it before…and it's all true!

  • Choosing local strengthens the local economy.
  • Local businesses build a unique community.
  • Buying local ensures more consumer choices in the long term.
  • Shopping local reduces environmental impacts.
  • You'll enjoy better customer service from businesses who get to know your needs and preferences.
  • Supporting local businesses creates a stronger sense of community for all of us.

What Does “Local” Mean Anyway?

Local isn’t about location – it’s about ownership. When we say local business we mean locally owned. Why does this matter? Because locally owned businesses keep money circulating in our communities. And, that means a stronger community, and a stronger Colorado, for all of us.

It’s not only about shopping or restaurants either. Local businesses exist in every category: banking, home services, movie theaters, car repair…virtually any service you need has a local business that will be so happy to provide you with whatever you need.

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Take the Local First Pledge!

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